The POOLcast series hosts and showcases electronic music from artists with unique musical visions, whether being a DJ, live-act/producer or instrumentalist. Each show is an exclusive performance, mixes or sound collages. Please give the artists respect and share, like or help with your support. POOLcast is a division of the POOL Berlin

Curated by
ANN & Gnilyf
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POOLcasts are published monthly on every 15ths.




POOLcast 053 - Cadih

For this issue of POOLcast we invited Cadih, who provides us with a set of her musical discoveries that could hardly be more appropriate for the time between winter and spring.

The time when winter is behind us and spring is just around the corner. A time that leads us into a kind of in-between world. A world between the end and the beginning, a world that makes us reflect on the past months and at the same time gives us a tentative glimpse of the future. Be it plans that we make, or memories that we rearrange. To look at and classify past or future events is a perpetual process that does not follow any particular rules or structures. It is more like an amorphous maze in which one never knows whether unknown paths will lead to new destinations or explored routes will reveal the unexpected. Inside, entrance and exit are only mental constructs that manifest themselves as memories and expectations, which can take on a different form after every junction or twist. A phenomenon that can often be observed when listening to the POOLcast of Cadih. Each chosen piece leads to an unconscious prediction of future musical expectations. Expectations that, a few minutes later, awaken completely new expectations about the course of the entire work, and in doing so make you think of the past pieces in a different way than just a few moments before. A work like an amorphous labyrinth, which is capable of creating new moments with each run.

A musical maze.