The POOLcast series hosts and showcases electronic music from artists with unique musical visions, whether being a DJ, live-act/producer or instrumentalist. Each show is an exclusive performance, mixes or sound collages. Please give the artists respect and share, like or help with your support. POOLcast is a division of the POOL Berlin

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Micromod / Microrama


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Bandcamp Microrama

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POOLcast 020 - Mod303

Twenty. In years, the time when you realize, you are between childhood and the rest of your life. Your are not a kid anymore! The structure of your family is changing. Your mom is already planning to rebuild your old room to have a vinyl listening space, after she found her old jazz record collection in the basement. Your sister(s)/brother(s) become a friend after years of conflict. The meaning of the word ‘family’ begins to change and you learning that you can have more than one.

This or maybe the complete opposite applies to our next POOLcast artist, Mod303. The reason we are talking about family is obviously, Mod303 is a duo of brothers, living in/by Paris. But the second and most imported reason why we talking about family is that Mod2 and Nino ( Mod303 ) are part of a global, our global, family. This begins with releases on Klangscheiben and Wondermachine Musique, goes on with starting the own imprints ‘micromod’ and ‘microrama’ and ends with an ‘album residency’ on Archipel. Special mention deserve the work for mircomod and the sublabel microrama. They are working on the frontier of experimental and ambient music. Not suprising that POOLcast and mircomod/mircorama crossed their streams several times. Also this time, for the new POOLcast.

Mod303’s POOLcast edition delivers the right mixture of signature sounds and label showcase. Soundscapes and synth lines shaping proper, modern ambient music. Drums and layers of textures and field recordings ensure a sense of coherence.