The POOLcast series hosts and showcases electronic music from artists with unique musical visions, whether being a DJ, live-act/producer or instrumentalist. Each show is an exclusive performance, mixes or sound collages. Please give the artists respect and share, like or help with your support. POOLcast is a division of the POOL Berlin

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POOLcast 030 - Collab Special - Übü ( Thoreau + KHMGNFF )

Thirty is a special number, for this reason we have a special for today's POOLcast. We asked Thoreau and KHMGNFF to give us a glimpse of their collaboration project ‘Übü’. KHMGNFF, as we know from our 3rd episode of POOLcast, is managing the Micromod / Microrama Label, is into jazz, minimal and ambient. Thoreau back in the days, the time she made the 4th episode of POOLcast, was also into drone, ambient and minimal. Over the years Thoreau reconnected with her techno spirit, which always was on the brink of breaking through. Both gained experience, skills and dreams over the last years they made music. Which makes Übü the perfects example that the result of a collaboration of two artist is more than the sum of its parts. Thoreau and KHMGNFF sharing a friendship, a common taste in music and complement each other seamlessly when making music. When you put it all together it’s seems like any other art collaboration. But in this case the outcome of one plus one is more than two. When the other one let you get access to your inner voice and something new vibrate within you, you creating something more than just art.

For POOLcast Übü gave us a dark, minimalistic episode that descends into a deep techno journey.