The POOLcast series hosts and showcases electronic music from artists with unique musical visions, whether being a DJ, live-act/producer or instrumentalist. Each show is an exclusive performance, mixes or sound collages. Please give the artists respect and share, like or help with your support. POOLcast is a division of the POOL Berlin

Curated by
ANN & Gnilyf
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POOLcasts are published monthly on every 15ths.



POOLcast 015 - Overshift

After grazing in our own garden the last months with POOLcasts from Akatana over Dinelka and Wiklow to Anomali we had the feeling that it is time again for fresh faces. We move over the atlantic ocean: US east coast, New Jersey, and order some west coast music from Overshift.

BIn the case of Overshift, fresh face does not mean newcomer. He is active for years and released tons of music on various minimal and techno labels. Lately he explored more and more experimental spheres and released his “Contemplate EP” on Micromod music, whereon you can hear his techno background in forms of sequenced synth lines and percussion grooves. All this he spiced up with ambiences, vivid textures and driving drones.

For his POOLcast issue he pushed himself a big step towards experimental music. Overshift starts with music concrete inspired west coast freestyle and heads more and more to east coast sound where big drones and epic pads preach good old ambient.

Take a cup of tape hiss and listen.