The POOLcast series hosts and showcases electronic music from artists with unique musical visions, whether being a DJ, live-act/producer or instrumentalist. Each show is an exclusive performance, mixes or sound collages. Please give the artists respect and share, like or help with your support. POOLcast is a division of the POOL Berlin

Curated by
ANN & Gnilyf
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POOLcasts are published monthly on every 15ths.

A Ocio


POOLcast 008 - A Ocio

Jonathan Ariza aka A Ocio is an illustrator and electronic musician resident in Bogota Colombia. Finding inspiration in Colombia’s nature, Bogota’s urban life, an imaginary mind and the present past. Deeply influenced by his father’s spirit for music, playing instruments and art.

‘Influences’ is one of the keywords to discribe A Ocio’s work. Wandering around in a surrealistic tinged surrounding with tranquility and a psychedelic eye. Keeping ears and mind open for this ‘influences’ that will create a new piece of music. Taking sounds from this world, sounds from manufacturers, abandoned environments and television combining it with played instruments like piano or violin to creating a new world. Another world. Like a surreal dream, a familiarity accompanied with the odd feeling that something is different.

For the 8th edition of the POOLcast Jonathan pack ‘influances” from cheerful, energetic, sad, thoughtful days into a melange of time, air and ‘sentimental things’. Complex texture, twisted sounds and abstract arrangments leading into dreamy soundscapes with catchy, melody sequences.

Time is liquid - you can hear it.